The Law Firm

The Firm has emerged by the experience of Riccardo Castiglioni who has gathered some of the colleagues with whom he has cooperated in the previous experiences, starting CBMLD Law Firm.

Such Firm is a modern professional reality based on integrated skills. The different areas of Civil and Criminal Law are developed with a synergy of experience and professionalism.

The type of services provided concerns either the traditional legal aid, included forensic and ADR litigation and extrajudicial activity, in order to offer to the clients an outstanding advisory service.

The Firm sets out as a reference structure, between the enterprises and the market and accomplishing sharp strategies tailored on the specific client’s demand.

This makes the Law Firm competent to provide to the clients, mainly represented by large and medium size industrial and commercial companies, a wide range of services due to satisfy all the needs of the modern enterprise.

Specific attention is dedicated to consulting and assistance on matters involving IP Law, for trademarks, patents and designs safeguard.

This is a field where lawyers have considerable experience and where the activity is structured either with extrajudicial advisory activity and litigation for the protection of IP rights.    

By the other side an exhaustive legal assistance is provided to the enterprises, in the field of  Civil and Commercial Law, either for purposes of developing the local business, and
for the necessary strategic, contractual and commercial initiatives, which are aimed to encouraging internationalization.